A few recent works

Equilibrium? - Oil on canvas panel (20" X 24")

Star crossed Lovers - Sanguine Medicis Conte crayon on toned paper

Star crossed Lovers - Oil on un-stretched canvas


From recent life drawing sessions

Here are a pair of oil sketches and a chalk drawing from recent life drawing sessions hosted by artist Rebecca Deegan at the Dunamaise Art Centre. The oils sketches are based on the long pose chalk drawings made during the sessions.

Week 1, 40 min pose - oil on canvas panel

Week 2, 40 min pose - oil on panel (30cm X 40cm) - SOLD

Week 3 40 min pose - Chalk on paper

Ties that bind

Recently I have been thinking of the effect that mankind is having on the planet and how we are systematically destroying it. I suppose that you could call this painting a commentary piece.

Ties that bind - Oil on Linen (90cm X 60cm)


Seeing as today is Bloomsday

Blazes awaits Mollys favour - Oil on panel (40cm X 50cm)
Today (16th June) marks the day that James Joyce set his novel Ulysses. To celebrate, here is a quick oil sketch. Apologies for glare as paint is still wet.

More from John Keating workshop

Here are a few more works based on the recent John Keating Life drawing workshop.

Acrylic on unstretched canvas (15" X 20")

Pencil & watercolour wash

Acrylic sketch (14" X 18")

John Keating Life workshops

Eventually finished this painting from drawings made at life class during John Keating workshops at Laois Art House, Stradbally in June. Sorry its not the best photo in the world

Red kimono & butterflies - Oil on panel - (50cm X 70cm)


I still have another painting to finish

Back to life

Two from latest life drawing sessions at Dunamaise Theatre with artist Eamon Colman.

Charcoal on newsprint

Charcoal on newsprint